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    I came across FJ Chalke on Autotrader. I needed a new car but wanted to buy from a local(ish) dealer rather than from the 'internet'. Old school I know, but I feel happier that I can visit to resolve potential issues. I dealt with Dan who was just what you want in a salesperson. Factual, accurate, followed up on his promises, very professional.
    The collection was Covid safe, the vehicle was immaculate. Overall, an excellent service and better than I've had from most dealerships I've dealt with.
    There are a couple of follow-ups from my purchase that are not resolved, but I don't see any issues with them being so. So far - highly recommend Dan and FJ Chalke.

    Ms Stickley, February 2021

    Dan went above and beyond to answer my questions and provide all the information I required about the car. The video Dan sent me of the car was excellent. It’s a credit to Dan that I found myself purchasing a vehicle which I hadn’t physically seen or test driven, something which previously I would not have contemplated doing.
    My experience of dealing with FJ Chalke reinforces the fact that their excellent reputation is well deserved.
    The car was exceptionally well presented and both my wife and I have been very pleased with our purchase. I would happily recommend FJ Chalke to friends and family.

    Mr Allday, February 2021

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    I'd recommend Vale Motors because the service is very good and there not pushy and if any thing wrong on service they ring you

    Mr A Stevens, 5th August 2021

    I'd definitely recommend FJ Chalke Kia Mere because of their friendly and not too pushy salespeople.

    Mr Matthew P, 5th August 2021

    I'd recommend FJ Chalke Wincanton Nissan to a friend because absolutely too class service from start to finish

    Mr Graham Brown, 5th August 2021

    I'd recommend FJ Chalke Wincanton Nissan to anyone because it’s a great dealership & my new car is incredible.

    Miss Amanda Lawrence, 5th August 2021

    I'd suggest FJ Chalke Kia Yeovil to a friend because they took my requests seriously.

    Mr S, 5th August 2021

    My experience at Vale Motors was good because I was very happy with them & they were easy to deal with.

    Mr S, 5th August 2021

    Vale Motors were fantastic because it was great customer service.

    Mr T, 5th August 2021

    The experience at Vale Motors was fantastic because we received a friendly informative service.

    Mrs Rosemary Redwood, 4th August 2021

    Mostly good just no follow up call as was promised.

    Mr Matt C, 30th July 2021

    The experience at FJ Chalke Kia Mere was fantastic because salesperson was lovely guy.

    Mrs Adrienne Wyllie, 29th July 2021

    Vale Motors were great because polite and helpful with no high pressure sales pitch.

    Mr Christopher Robinson, 26th July 2021

    I'd definitely recommend Vale Motors because helpful, polite , go iut of the way to help, lovely welcome on arrival

    Mrs Dorothy Clare, 26th July 2021

    I was pleased with FJ Chalke Business Centre and would recommend them because they are quick, cheap & friendly.

    Mr W, 26th July 2021

    My experience at Vale Motors was positive because the Sales staff are straightforward, friendly and helpful.

    Mr Stephen Ruff, 23rd July 2021

    Vale Motors staff and vehicle stock make them well worth a visit. The salesman was helpful and courteous.

    Mrs Ann F, 21st July 2021

    The experience at Vale Motors was good because overall experience was good salesman very knowledgeable and courtesy shown.

    Mr Peter Bryden, 20th July 2021

    I had a great experience at Vale Motors because they had the car I was enquiring about.

    Mr Ian Penrose, 19th July 2021

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