It's not just for those warm summer days

Air Conditioning Treatment from only £29.50

Our £29.50 treatment includes a powerful antimicrobial agent to cleanse the air conditioning unit of any mould and fungi, eradicating all bacteria that causes allergic reactions and asthma like symptoms.

The cost of your vehicles Air Conditioning Service will be determined by
the type of gas required
An Air Conditioning Service using R134 Gas is from £69.50
Using 1234YF Gas will be from £149.99

( Not sure which gas your vehicle needs? Just ask, we can help you! )

Our Air Conditioning Service checks and rectifies the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. We will also re gas the air conditioning system, making it run as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Purchase the two treatments together, and use these special prices using R134 Gas for £99.50 and 1234YF Gas for only£179.99

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