Ex Demo Car Offers

Our Ex Demonstrator Models with Big Big Savings against Cost New.

What are the benefits of buying an Ex-Demo car?

Our selection of Ex Demo cars are our cars which have previously been used as display models in our showrooms.  Some may have been driven by potential customers, locally on a test drive; some will have been taken home by our own staff. However, the cars will only have a few thousand miles on the clock which allows us to sell these cars at greatly reduced prices offering you a substantial saving against buying a new car!

The Ex Demo cars will have been kept in excellent condition and will not have any previous owners, therefore, sold as new!  Remember, we have to display some of the highest spec models in our showrooms.  This means they will generally have the best features and upgrades in addition to all the standard spec, giving you an even better deal!

Should you have any further questions, just pick up the phone, we are more than happy to send you photographs and discuss the big discounts we have available.

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Seen something you like the look of? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly teams at FJ Chalke and Vale Motors; we’ll be happy to tell you more about the used cars you’re interested in and book you in for an obligation-free test drive.

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