The Isuzu D-Max XTR Pick-Up

The New Isuzu D-MAX XTR has arrived at Vale Motors!

It’s the most confident and courageous pick-up to ever be unleashed, it boasts sophisticated, aggressive styling and a tough, rugged and powerful look.

With the addition of Pedders suspension upgrade as standard and kerb appeal of a sports car. The XTR is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

Isuzu D-Max XTR Pick-Up

From £33,999 CVOTR

Isuzu D-Max XTR Pick-Up

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As Standard:

XTR Body Kit: - Front Bumper Guard - Bonnet Protector - Front Headlight Frames - Wheel Arch Extensions - Fuel Intake Cover - Rear Bumper - Rear Light Frames - Rear Tailgate Spoiler

17" x 8.5" XTR Black Alloy Wheels

32" Tyres - Pirelli Scorpion™ All Terrain Plus

Pedders Bespoke Suspension and Brake System

7" Multifunction Colour Touchscreen

Eight Speakers (2 x Front Door, 2 x Rear Door, 2 x Tweeters & 2 x Roof Mounted)

Bluetooth® Connectivity and CD Player

Tailgate Decal

Pedders Bespoke Suspension and Brake System

Based on the success of our partnership with Pedders, as an accessory offering on our current range of vehicles, we’ve now taken it to the next level by creating a bespoke suspension and brake system specifically for XTR. Suspension height will be set higher than a standard D-Max and higher than a Huntsman Plus so XTR will benefit from a 250mm ground clearance with no compromise on vehicle handling and stability.

A new front suspension upper arm in conjunction with newly designed damper units helps achieve a longer suspension articulation, giving improvements in off-road performance. The set-up of springs and shock absorbers make for a more comfortable and refined ride. These have been tuned specifically with XTR’s new wheels and tyres in mind to maximise comfort. XTR is even more comfortable than a standard D-Max on the road and even more capable than a Huntsman Plus off-road.

New performance front brake discs and pads have been fitted to XTR. The front brake discs are designed for a consistent brake pedal feel, they have high wear resistance and are Geomet coated for better anti–corrosion protection. They are also fully vented and slotted for improved heat dissipation and braking. Kevlar ceramic front brake pads work in combination with the discs to give a much improved braking performance and stopping power.

Vibrant green colour coding has been incorporated in select components of the suspension and brake system. The front coil spring and damper, front brake caliper, rear anti-roll bar and rear dampers offer a striking flash of colour that can be seen through the alloy wheel spokes and when travelling behind the truck, making it immediately identifiable as an XTR. All improvements have maintained the Isuzu D-Max’s 3.5 tonne towing and load carrying credentials.

Body Kit

A custom designed XTR body kit transforms the standard D-Max exterior and enhances visual appeal. The body kit includes:

9" Multifunction Colour Touchscreen Navigation System With DAB

Front Bumper Guard – with branded XTR lower section and black Isuzu badge

Bonnet Protector

Front Headlight Frames

Wheel Arch Extensions – with vibrant green lozenge insert

Fuel Intake Cover

Rear Bumper

Rear Light Frames

Rear Tailgate Spoiler – with branded XTR upper surface

The rear spoiler is compatible with both mountain top roller covers and a selection of canopies so customers can choose how to accessorise their truck. An under rail load liner and tailgate damper are fitted as standard.

Body kit parts are Raptor coated in a durable black finish. Black door mirror covers and black door handles complement the assertive body kit and tinted rear windows complete the dark aesthetic.

XTR Side Steps

XTR side steps are composed of an angular bar framework and lozenge shaped infill. The insert pattern references the green section on the wheel arch extension and the side step is finished with an XTR logo on the centre panel. They have a durable textured black finish which doesn’t show marks or scratches and provides extra grip to the step surface, preventing feet from slipping when entering or exiting the vehicle.

Wheels & Tyres

New 17" alloy wheels have been created exclusively for XTR. The 6 spoke satin black wheels have a fluted, deep dish design and embossed XTR logo. The matching centre cap also has a satin black finish with discreet dark grey font. Particular attention to detail has been given to this unique alloy wheel as the centre cap text and XTR logo on the spoke are perfectly aligned when the tyre valve is positioned at the base of the wheel. In addition, the spoke configuration allows a clear view of the green brake caliper and vented brake discs on the front wheels.

The wheels have a heavy duty, rigid design which doesn’t compromise the vehicle’s towing and load carrying capabilities. Entirely fit for purpose, they have been engineered to handle off-roading and, in conjunction with XTR’s bespoke Pedders suspension, exceed the expectations of a tough and reliable D-Max.

A popular wheel size from a tyre perspective, the 17" x 8.5" XTR alloy gives you the flexibility of tyre choice if you choose to fit an off-road only tyre. However, our choice of the Pirelli Scorpion™ All Terrain Plus 32" tyre has been tuned to perfectly match the D-Max XTR and Pedders suspension.

The Scorpion™ All Terrain Plus combines Pirelli’s advanced compound and design technology with an aggressive appearance to provide a durable All-Season tyre, and a high performing driving experience throughout a wide range of challenging on or off-road conditions.

Designed for drivers that use their vehicles both for leisure and daily work-life, where performance is the key factor. The aggressive tread pattern design and its robust carcass make it the perfect choice to travel for long distances without compromising safety and comfort on the road. The chunky tread pattern contains ejection cones which are inserted at the block’s base to allow the evacuation of gravel and stones in order to always maintain the maximum traction capability of the tread pattern. The ejection cones, in addition to their auto cleaning function, increase the stiffness of the whole tread pattern allowing a superior allround robustness and resistance to the blocks against tears over tough surfaces.

Isuzu are the first manufacturer to adopt these as standard as they are perfectly suited to the D-Max XTR and benefit all types of driving conditions. Quiet during on road driving, for day to day use, they have the added benefit if you do want to go off-road. Featuring the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake and the Mud + Snow marking, these tyres are suitable for dry roads, wet or muddy roads, and off-road on difficult surfaces such as rocks, snow, mud, grass and sand.

Badges & Decals

A green and satin black XTR Badge is positioned on both front doors and the bottom righthand side of the tailgate. A black D-Max Badge is situated on the bottom left-hand side of the tailgate. A graphic decal surrounds the XTR badge on the tailgate and combines with the central Isuzu logo in a consistent charcoal satin finish. More extreme decals will be offered as accessories.


XTR heated front sports seats are upholstered in leather, suede and carbon fibre leather with contrast green overstitching on the side bolsters. Leather adds a touch of luxury to the headrest, lower seat base and upper seat back, which has been padded for additional back support. The ribbed central seat panel is covered in charcoal suede with shadow stitching to accentuate its contours. Suede not only offers comfort and sports sophistication but practical functionality as it provides extra grip and works in conjunction with the side bolsters to keep the driver in position. Carbon fibre leather has been applied to the side bolsters. This abrasion resistant, durable material has been chosen for its hard-wearing qualities in an area of the seat that withstands the most regular use.

An XTR logo is embroidered on the back rest of each front seat with a solid green "X" and outlined green "TR". The rear seats are also finished in leather, suede and carbon fibre leather with the XTR logo repeated on the rear centre headrest.

D-Shaped Sports Steering Wheel

The D-shaped sports steering wheel has been moulded for comfort and grip. Trimmed in leather and suede with green overstitching, the steering wheel materials match the seat trim exactly. Leather side panels are practical and easy to clean on the areas you hold regularly and a convenient thumb rest is located next to the steering wheel controls. Upper and lower suede quarter sections contribute to the premium feel of the wheel and have been balanced carefully with the leather to optimise functionality. As a final indulgence, each bespoke XTR steering wheel is individually finished with the green overstitching sewn on by hand.


XTR is equipped with a 7" touchscreen, RDS radio, Bluetooth® connectivity and CD player as standard.

XTR Nav+ is equipped with a 7" touchscreen and Bluetooth® connectivity as standard but also features DAB radio, Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™ and satellite navigation. This variant is not equipped with a CD player.

A 9" touchscreen and Alpine audio system is available as a cost option. It is expected that this will be a popular accessory and more cost efficient upgrade on the XTR than the XTR Nav+.

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