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Solar Panels

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Here at FJ Chalke and Vale Motors, we’re every bit as concerned about looking after the environment as our customers are. That’s why in 2015 we decided to begin our eco journey by installing 95 solar panels on our Saxon Way Nissan dealership, cutting our carbon footprint by approximately 9962KG of C02 per year.

We took this step after reviewing our management of the dealership and realising we could do better – and we haven’t looked back since. Initial discussions evolved into 95 photovoltaic roof panels, each one 1.6 by 0.8 metres) which generate 17,540 units of electricity each year.

As one of just 26 Nissan Electric Vehicle (EV) dealerships in the country, our family owned business is not only the first Nissan dealership to install a solar roof, but is also the first to use the power generated by the solar PV panels to charge the all-electric Nissan LEAF, the 2011 European Car of the Year.

We became one of the very first dealerships to sell the innovative 100% electric Nissan LEAF shortly after its release – and today we are proud to be able to offer eco-friendly charging points for our customers and staff. We have a great team of Electric Specialists who live and breathe the 100% Electric LEAF and look forward to the exciting times ahead launching the New Nissan LEAF 2.Zero Limited Edition complete with new 40KWH battery and improved range of 235 miles.

Steve Fowler, Dealer Principal at F J Chalke Nissan, says: "We were incredibly excited about the launch of the new Nissan LEAF and were delighted to be one of the first few select dealerships accredited to sell the car. We’re even more excited about the new LEAF 2.Zero and what it has to offer for our customers.

As a business we like to think about our carbon footprint and energy consumption.

"We built an extension to the existing showroom to accommodate the LEAF and looked into having a solar panelled roof and once we realised it was viable, we have never looked back."

"But our eco journey isn’t over yet – we continue to strive to stay-up-to date with advances in green driving technology; and in such a fast-evolving industry, we look forward to sharing our latest eco advances with you soon."

Solar Panels
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