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The Exclusive Vehicle Range

Ross Fowler

Business Centre Manager

I'm Ross Fowler, Business Centre Manager and one of the creators of our exclusive brand EV-R.

EV-R came as an evolution from customer demand and custom parts, customers having the desire to customise their new vehicles, from high lift kits, off-road tyres and full custom leather interiors.

One of the most interesting EV-R interior options is the custom leather upholstery. The customer can choose all aspects inc. embossed head rests, colour choice and even the stitching pattern.

We've also looked at some of the finer detail with audio upgrades and performance upgrades. We can get up to about 248 brake horse power, which is a huge difference from the standard 188 brake horse power.

To find out more about the Navara EV-R Cerus, click here.

My favourite part of the EV-R range is the extreme suspension upgrade which gives you 30ml extra height over the standard Nissan Navara. We went through quite a few suspension companies to make sure we got this right and we finally ended up with the Pedders Extreme Suspension Kit which gives us a good compromise of comfort and off-road ability.

Once we were happy with the truck design we started looking at custom vans, which led us to producing the EV-R Atlas. The idea for the EV-R Atlas was an alternative vehicle to our competitors, Volkswagen and Ford. Some of the options available are a full body kit upgrade, alloy wheels, window tints, a full vehicle de-chrome and an audio upgrade.

We now have 3 completed models in the EV-R range which we are very proud of, the EV-R Cerus truck, the 6 seater EV-R Atlas van and the 9 seater EV-R Hestia van.

EV-R is about being able to customise the vehicle to suit your needs, whether that's work, off-road, or just standing out from the crowd.

The FJ Chalke Exclusive Vehicle Range
Created by FJ Chalke - Customised by you.

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