Our Approved Bodyshop - For Every Eventuality

Life already has its fair share of surprises, not all of them pleasant, which is why we want to offer you the reassurance that no matter what happens you can always have a car you can feel proud of owning.

Choosing our Approved Bodyshop will not only guarantee you the best possible service, but also prevent the experience of getting your vehicle back on the road being a difficult one, we understand the emotional attachment, the worries and stress, we’re here to help make that process as easy as possible.

Yes, you are correct, most of the insurance policies out there offer you the right to choose where your car is repaired – so, it makes sense to contact FJ Chalke, the family owned, local dealer with only your interests at heart.

Simply call 01963 834490 and we will guide you through a very simple process.

Our team of skilled technicians have attended a number of specialist training courses, so our craftsmanship is second to none!

We hope we will give you the reassurance that only genuine parts are used to repair your car.

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